One of the great things about band member changes is the opportunity to perform with some outstanding new talent.  One of the worst things about band member changes is the departure of artists who have become not only valuable members of the the "team," but as well, good friends.  Now, while it's true, some changes, for various reasons, are necessary for the success of the band, still you have to come to know an artist as a person, with feelings and personality.  More often than not, it's the personality that becomes the impetus for change within the band.

I am not going to hire a band member who is not on the same talent level as the existing members.  I am not a "school" for teaching someone how to play, although every member learns something every time we take the stage!  I know I do!!!  I also am not going to hire someone who I believe does not share the same vision for the music as I do, although time can prove that aspect wrong!  That same "time" can expose personality traits not evident when initially bringing a new member on board.  And no matter how much research is done on potential members, negative behaviors can often rise to the surface as time passes.  Also, an individual's career path can and often does change for various reasons, which in turn affects their idea of how their music should be perceived and heard.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  An individual artist's growth is always a good thing, for the individual.  But, if the new path does not reflect the vision of the band leader, or the band's brand, then change must happen to assure the continued success of the band, and continuity of the band's sound.

Expect change.  It is often a wonderful thing!

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