With the Coronavirus Covid-19 impacting live performances, you will notice the "Shows" page is awfully thin!  If it means keeping all of my friends and fans safe, then so-be-it!  YOUR welfare and mine are important.  Not just to me, but to your family, loved ones, and friends.  This precaution won't last forever!!  And when it's lifted, I look forward to seeing the venues packed and the dance floors full!!  So, until then, stay safe, stay smart, and stay healthy!!






Watching Michael Murphy perform is not so much a performance as it is an experience.  As you watch him play, you may notice that the majority of the time he closes his eyes, and listens to something deep inside.  Admittedly, he isn't sure he knows from where what he listens to, comes!  But he finds it and lets it out!!  

The MOB, as his band is known, is a trio.  The members of the MOB some of his best friends, who have all played with him for many years, making the band tight, but at the same time, extremely spontaneous!    He and the band work well together, and he often turns to a member during a song and will say something like, "Sweet!"  Or, "Very cool!!"  Sometimes he just grins, and that's enough to elicit the smiles from them!

Michael also says, "Continuing down the road is gonna find me playing more original music, a lot of which will be performed acoustically."  For the past year, he has been writing more than usual for him, so he says.  "I've been challenging myself to move away from straight blues, and come up with a more, for lack of a better description, singer/songwriter style material."

The road he has followed is fairly typical of his generation of artists, fueled by excess, and tempered by passion. But all through the good times and the dark times have remained an urgent desire to perform, to write, and to sing. Of his desire to play, [Murphy] says, "You know, it's like being on a therapist's couch when I'm on stage!"

A Different Shade Of Blues describes his creative and entertaining playing style. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the blues that is driven by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions.  As he stays true to the feeling of the blues, Michael Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected.  Come spend an evening with these cats as they paint the night with colors from their palette of emotion, passion, and love of their craft, with brushes made of wood, steel and voice. Take a ride on what Murphy calls their BLUES TRAIN. It will take you down the rails of life where you just may find a stop in a town named after YOU!

So, watch the calendar!  Whether with the MOB, or another more acoustic project, Michael will soon be headed to a venue near you!!  And his fans can't wait! 




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Michael "Big Dog" Murphy and the MOB's  video for Michael's original song "Hellbound."  This song is being used in Myles DuBay's independent film, "Holyland."





For booking, press, and general business inquiries should be directed to:  
Michael Murphy
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