A Different Shade Of Blues describes the creative and entertaining playing style of BLUES artist Michael “Big Dog” Murphy. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the blues that is fueled by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions. As he stays true to the feeling of the blues, Michael Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected.  

BIG DOG MURPHY AND THE MOB are one of Wisconsin's best and longest running blues bands. Their longevity is testament to their talent, creativity and love of what they do. Simply put, they give life to their songs, both original and covers. These cats are not just entertainers. They are ARTISTS!

Artists don't think of themselves as entertainment, unless it is part and parcel of their art. Rather they view themselves as interpreters of how they view the world, or better yet, how they view their world! And the MOB's world is music, more definitively, BLUES.

Murphy has been playing and singing the blues most of his life. The road he has followed is fairly typical of his generation of artists, fueled by excess, and tempered by passion. But all through the good times and the dark times has remained an urgent desire to perform, to write, and to sing. Of his desire to play, [Murphy] says, "You know, it's like being on a therapist's couch when I'm on stage!"

Come spend an evening with these cats as they paint the night with colors from their palette of emotion, passion and love of their craft, with brushes made of wood, steel and voice. The boys invite you to take a ride on what they call their BLUES TRAIN. It will take you down the rails of life where you just may find a stop in a town named after YOU!




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Michael "Big Dog" Murphy and the MOB's  video for Michael's original song "Hellbound."  This song is being used in Myles DuBay's independent film, "Holyland."





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