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A soulful experience music enthusiasts crave, Michael “Big Dog” Murphy delivers powerful blues stylings rich with storytelling and passion that can only be developed over a lifetime. A versatile artist comfortable taking the stage solo or with his band, Murphy transports listeners to a place of deep feeling, using an intricately woven combination of stories and melodies that showcase a deep reverence to the American icons that built this genre. His appeal is universal, as Murphy has the unique ability to connect with audience members, young and old. From a corner in a club to mainstage at a festival, Murphy is a Wisconsin musical treasure beloved by listeners.


As you watch him play, you may notice that the majority of the time he closes his eyes and listens to something deep inside. ” - Frank "Frog" Seebantz

— Frogwayz Productions

My new CD "Black, Two Sugars" is out and available on the website store.  

Michael Murphy
Black, Two Sugars
Dog House Records

'Black,Two Sugars' marks a return to his roots as a solo musician.  There is nothing "cookie-cutter" about Michael Murphy.  This guy has the heart of a poet, the soul of the old-school songster or bluesman, and the ability as a wordsmith and storyteller to bring it all together.

- Bill Wilson, Reflections In Blue. May, 2022


Michael Murphy’s ‘Black, Two Sugars’ is a contemplative-reflection of life - bitter, sweet and bitter-sweet and absolutely perfect no matter how you take your music.

Murphy combines his mastery of the blues with that of a latter-year, Cash-esque outlaw country vibe that stirs the music and the soul of the listener.

- John Jordan, 105.7 WAPL Home Brewed


My close friend, and incredible artist, Ms. Jennifer Lee, made this video of my original song "BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE" after listening to it on my new CD, "BLACK, TWO SUGARS."   The only other studio-quality video I have ever made is of another of my original songs, "Hellbound," which was made by engineer extraordinaire Marc Golde at his Rock Garden Studio in Appleton, WI.

The video Jennifer made of "Bottom Of the Bottle" is not a performance video but rather a vision of the song playing out through a montage of performance scenes as imagery.  What an eye this young lady has!


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