Michael Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected. ” - Terry Gage

— CEO Gage Music

Photo: Square 1 Images

Photo: Square 1 Images


"If you want pretty, I ain't the guy!"

What drives his music is emotion and passion and feeling.  "If I can't feel it, it's just sound.  If I feel it, it's more than that.  It's art.  It's a painting for your ears."

Song featured in the motion picture soundtrack for the movie "Holyland"

[Murphy] says, "You learn a lot on the road.  Can't take things too personally."


A Guitar, A Corner, A Lifetime.

Michael Murphy has been writing and singing for most of his life, and while never being one to stand still in a stagnant pond of one style, has grown into a powerful vocalist and instrumentalist. With a big grin, he describes his performances as “not particularly pretty!” And, while we disagree with that, his voice over the years has abandoned the deep baritone of his youth, and given way to a divine gravelly texture, that is described by some as haunting and soulful. The same is said about his guitar style, raw, aggressive, but powerful like his voice.   His shows are likened to more of an experience than a performance.