A soulful experience music enthusiasts crave, Michael “Big Dog” Murphy delivers powerful blues stylings rich with storytelling and passion that can only be developed over a lifetime. A versatile artist comfortable taking the stage solo or with his band, Murphy transports listeners to a place of deep feeling, using an intricately woven combination of stories and melodies that showcase a deep reverence to the American icons that built this genre. His appeal is universal, as Murphy has the unique ability to connect with audience members, young and old. From a corner in a club to mainstage at a festival, Murphy is a Wisconsin musical treasure beloved by listeners.

“As you watch him play, you may notice that the majority of the time he closes his eyes and listens to something deep inside. ” - Frank “Frog” Seebantz, Frogwayz Productions





Hailing as the roots of most American genres that followed, blues music has left an indelible mark on the country, folk, rock, and jazz scenes. Leading the charge is none other than MICHAEL "BIG DOG" MURPHY, whose aggressive yet soulful style of rocking blues, classic's, and originals has been captivating Wisconsin audiences since 1998. Murphy's performances, whether solo or with this electrifying trio, the MOB, are more than just shows; they're experiences that transport listeners into the very soul of the songs.  In 2023, Michael Murphy was honored with WAMI nominations for Best Male Vocalist and Best Blues Artist, cementing his reputation as a standout talent.

When on stage with the MOB, their unique blend of musicianship, creativity, and passion is what they call 'Big Dog's Blues.' Over three decades, they have graced stages at countless clubs, hotels, casinos, breweries, wineries, colleges, and festivals throughout Wisconsin. Their impressive list of performances includes the Beloit Riverfest, Bayfest, Brown County Fair, Grand Marais Music & Arts Fest, Oshea/Lenski Blues Fest, and eleven consecutive appearances at the Viet Nam Vets MC Summer Twister.

What makes Murphy a favorite wherever he or the MOB play? It's not just the highly danceable music, but also Michael's historical and often humorous commentary on songs, as well as the camaraderie between band members and with the audience. He doesn't just perform; he connects with the audience, creating an unforgettable musical journey. Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of MICHAEL MURPHY, OR MICHAEL MURPHY & THE MOB! Join us for an evening of blues, classics and originals that'll leave you craving more – it's more than a show; it's a musical adventure!"


During Murphy's career, the road he has followed is typical of his generation of artists, fueled by excess and tempered by passion.  Broken homes, broken promises, broken vows, drugs, booze, and scars - some you can see, some you can't.  But all through the good times and the dark times has remained an urgent desire to perform, to write, and to sing. 


 ...describes his creative and entertaining playing style. His playing style is a more aggressive interpretation of the blues that is driven by passion and guided by his heartfelt emotions.  As he stays true to the feeling of the blues, Murphy takes a different approach by delivering a mix of traditional with a twist for the unexpected.  Come spend an evening with him as he paints the night with colors from his palette of emotion, passion, and love of his craft, with brushes made of wood, steel, and voice.

So, watch the calendar!  Whether with his band, the MOB, or an acoustic project, Michael will soon be headed to a venue near you!!  And his fans can't wait!