Michael Murphy's music projects are quite diverse:  Solo, or his bands, the MOB (electric blues and rock), or his newer acoustic-based project, Street Corner Prophets!

Performing solo or with Street Corner Prophets, his songs are much different than those he plays with his electric band, the MOB. His "solo" and "SCP" performances are played on acoustic instruments and are very reminiscent of the old coffeehouse days!  Although, Murphy only knows one way to play and sing, honest, heartfelt, and aggressive!

His band, the MOB, is a three-to-four piece, electric, blues-based combo.  They offer both blues and '60s and '70s classic and folk-rock covers as well as Michael's original songs, which are all given Murphy's blues-based style.  As one young fan said, after spending an evening with Murphy and the band, "For an old guy, you play really young!"  The Big Dog responded, "Aw, that's just the Raisin Bran!"

So, whatever the venues' needs, Michael Murphy can fill them all!

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