Often times one hears musicians talk about “the Zone.”  This is a perfect example of “The Power Of NOW!  There is an old saying one can hear inside 12 Step Fellowship meetings: “If you have one foot in yesterday, and one foot in tomorrow, you’re pissing all over today.”  Crass, but let me try and explain.

While playing, I often find myself pulling off riffs from somewhere deep inside.  These passages are not based on what I have learned, and they’re not sought out from where I may want to go.  They are from the “Now!”  They just happen!  I have talked at length with other players about this experience, and they all say the same thing, “Just go with it!  That’s when the magic happens!  That’s the ‘zone!’” 

The Power Of Now is that moment when something intrinsic to creativity takes over.  It’s awesome to be there; it’s awesome to see and hear when it happens.  It’s the time when a player ceases to really think about the music and just let’s the “magic” happen.  That’s The Power Of Now!

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