Veggies Aren't Going To Eat Themselves

Awoke this morning feeling kind of, well, blah.  I navigated my way to the kitchen, made a pot of coffee, and stood there, staring at the carafe until there was enough coffee in the pot to pour myself a cup.  Took the first sip and as usual, burned my lips.  You’d think after 63 years of life on this Earth, I would have learned by now!  This old, repeated act made me wonder, just what else one would think I would’ve learned by now.  Within some of the Twelve-Step fellowships, there is a saying, “Insanity is repeating the same actions over and over, expecting different results!”  Now, when I think about that, that old saying makes perfect sense!  For instance, driving or walking the same route to a job isn’t going to change the view.  But more to my heart, repeating the same show over and over isn’t going to make the audience hear something different.  So, step out of your comfort-zone; shake it up; change it up!  You want different results, then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!