Different Eyes, Different World

As I celebrated the arrival of 2014 with my wife at home, instead of performing, I found myself not looking forward to the New Year, but instead reflecting on the year coming to a close.  It was a tough year personally, except for the time I spent with my youngest children, and, of course the times I spent on stage.

As I said, it was a tough year personally, but I found a way to get through it!  I watched my children.  Children have a different way of looking at things than most adults.  Oh sure, they question events that are dark, but they are not over-powered by it.  They don’t see dark out-comes.  They see happy endings, lights at the end of tunnels, rainbows after a storm.  They see hope. 

So, I began trying to see life through the eyes of my children.  I heard truth and joy in their laughter.  I saw honesty and love in their eyes, and felt the real joy in their hearts.  I remember my late Grandmother always saying, “Children are God’s way of saying the world will go on.”

So, bring it on 2014.  I’m ready!

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