Not playing SUCKS!  In the old days, (a couple of years ago actually), Sunday morning would have found me up early, regardless of the time I sought the cool side of my pillow in the hours before, drinking coffee, thinking about the gig the night before, and more than likely working on a song.  As most of you know, 2018 and 2019 kind of slapped us in the face.  But Wendy and I got through it, in huge part because of your love, support, and prayers!  THANK YOU! 

These days, I find myself "gig-less" most weekends.  Now I don't desire a return to the 250 plus gigs a year days, though that period in my life was amazing!!  I'd just like to play at the very least every weekend.  Truth is, next April 5, I will be seventy (70) years old!  And being on the road, days at a time, is more an awesome memory, than a desire I can realize. 

And another quandary, I don't know if I want to play with the band or return to the way it all started for me back in the early '70s, solo in coffeehouses and listening rooms.  I love the band and the camaraderie.  We have fun on stage!  I also love the acoustic solo side, because I can play songs I've written that are better suited for the solo style.  My band, being primarily blues-based, could do them.  But that would confuse the audience who came to hear us bend strings and growl, the way for which we are known! 

Getting back to the not playing.  There are few agents with whom I will work.  The cats that actually did the work to get my butt into venues have retired, or, as in the case of Frank "Frog" Seebantz, (Frogwayz Productions) the guy I love the most, has been diagnosed with cancer.  He still calls me occasionally, to gig, and I go!  He has always been there for me, and for my family!!  Not many of the other kind of agents will do that!  I don't even refer to the other kind as agents.  I call them, among other things, "opportunists!"  Sure, they have their favorites, their long-time money makers, but cats like me, they have us in the "Solution" rolodex.  They pull us out, blow the dust off the card, in response to a venue calling and saying, "Our band canceled.  Send me somebody quick!" 

Now, the well-meaning "Devil's Advocates" all say, "Book yourself if you don't want to use an 'opportunist!'"  Another quandary.  I can chat up a storm with folks when I'm onstage, with a mic at my lips.  But, off-stage, I don't communicate so well.  I don't know why, but everyone who knows me knows that! 

So, here I am, Sunday morning, March 1, 2020.  Thinking about the way it was and thinking about Frog.  But I will see you folks, somewhere down the road!

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