June 2019 • "Down the Road... Finally!"

Yeah, I know.  It’s been almost four years since my last blog. And believe you me, an awful lot has happened during this absence.  Like it’s been since August of 2018 since I’ve played.  Reason being, both of my hands’ fingers just suddenly lost their sense of feeling.  In other words, they’re numb and the doctors have no idea why!!  Playing guitar, for the most part, was difficult because I could neither feel the strings nor frets.  But last month I began messing around with my acoustic a few minutes a day, to see if I could find a way to play through the numbness!  And, I’ve developed, sort of, a different kind of sensing where I am on the frets and strings.  Hopefully, with continued practice, I will find a way to the stage. 

The worse news came in February or so, of 2019, when Wendy, my wife and “soundtech”, was diagnosed with a tumor in her colon.  It was determined to be cancerous.  The tumor was removed, and now, although the Doctors all feel they got it all, she is receiving chemo treatments to track down and kill any remaining cancer cells that may be hiding somewhere in her body.  She is not happy!  But, she’s a real trooper; an amazing warrior!  She’s got this. 

With all the recent crap, with which we are dealing, and okay, a heavily diminished income, I have decided to give it a try.

I have booked five gigs for the summer months, to see how well I can play.  To keep me company on-stage I called on some old friends, and both former Mobsters, drummer “Randy “RD” Dean and bassists Tom “T-Bone” Bongers or Rick “Smokey” Smith.  Not having performed in almost a year, I wanted artists with me that know the music and have previously played every song with me.  I am still plagued with numb fingers on both hands, but my return to the stage will be made much less stressful, with these two cats backing me up.  First gig is getting closer!